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Mo-Su 9-21

  • High speed of exchange
    • If you have funds in your simplecoin account ( money,crypto) your exchanges are settled instantly.
  • Simplicity
    • You only need verification to buy and hold cryptocurrencies and there is no need to create or secure a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • No fees
    • You do not pay transaction fees when buying/selling cryptocurrencies. These are only added when you withdraw to a cryptocurrency wallet or bank account.
  • Purchase for very low amounts
    • You can make purchases in Wallet from as little as 50 CZK (2 EUR)
  • Purchase with no experience with cryptocurrencies
    • To buy cryptocurrencies, you don’t need to understand their technology or how to store them safely.
  • Single deposit multiple trades
    • Deposit e.g. 1000 CZK and buy more cryptocurrencies with it
    • Withdrawal can be made in multiple exchanges at once to save on fees.


  • The importance of increased account security. When using Simplecoin Wallet, we recommend setting a strong, unique and secure password.
  • We recommend enabling two-factor login. Instructions can be found here.
  • Additional security recommendations can be found here.

Did not find the answer?

The customer service line can be reached Monday to Sunday between 9:00 and 21:00. Or send us an email. Our colleagues will always be happy to advise you and guide you safely through your purchase.

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