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Mo-Su 9-21

If you forget to add a message for the recipient to the order payment, the payment will not be applied to the order. In practice, this means that the order will not change status and will still appear as a new order, even though we already have the payment on the account. It is therefore important to always include messages for the recipient.

The message for the recipient is not only used to pair the payment with the order, but also to identify the payment itself. With this message, we can determine whether you as a client are aware that you are purchasing cryptocurrency.

If you forget the message for the recipient and it is your first order, you will need to add the message afterwards through a new bank payment. It will therefore be necessary to send a payment of 1Kč (or 0.2 EUR) with a complete message to the recipient. Then the previous payment will be processed and sent to your cryptocurrency wallet.

It is important to keep in mind that this will delay the entire order clearance process and may also cause a change in the exchange rate.

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The customer service line can be reached Monday to Sunday between 9:00 and 21:00. Or send us an email. Our colleagues will always be happy to advise you and guide you safely through your purchase.

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