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High evaluation

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and offer multiple gains as well as losses. If you address the issue of trading or investing on a daily basis, there is a chance to earn high returns. The question is whether the risk and possible time invested is a relevant sacrifice. When holding certain cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin) for the long term, you can expect a more sober return in the tens of percent range. Even so, time and research should be devoted to the investment.

Liquidity – the ability to exchange quickly

The exchange of cryptocurrencies is very fast, and you can have cash in your bank account in a matter of tens of minutes. This may not be so easy with other investment instruments. For example, if you wanted to sell a property, the process would take many weeks.

Easy portability in time and space

If you wanted to send 10 million CZK to another country, not only would banks ask a lot of awkward questions and take a very long time, but you would also pay high fees for the international transaction and currency conversion to the currency of the destination country. In the case of Bitcoin, you send 10 million CZK in bitcoins anywhere on the planet, in about 10 minutes and for a small fee. Plus, without having to ask anyone’s permission.


In order to dispose of your digital assets, you need to own a backup for your crypto-wallet, called a seed. Which is 12-24 English words in sequential order. If you can store this information, whether on an indestructible medium or even in memory, no one can take your digital assets away from you. It cannot be frozen, nationalized, stolen, or prevented from being accessed. You can access and control your cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world where there is internet.

Universality and increasing adoption

Some cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) are increasingly usable in many countries around the world. You can pay with bitcoin in the US, South Africa, Vietnam, Argentina and almost anywhere there is internet. One “currency” is gradually linking the entire global economy, and bitcoin can now buy airline tickets, hotel accommodation, food in a store – and there will be more and more. Bitcoinmats (ATMs for crypto) are already in 180 countries around the world and you can get currency there in exchange for BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

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