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Mo-Su 9-21

Which cryptocurrency to choose for my first purchase?

For a first purchase, it is advisable to choose a cryptocurrency that is rather conservative, easy to store and can be found a large amount of information about it on the Internet and social networks. For example, the oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, can be recommended for beginners.

How much should I buy?

When gaining your first experience with cryptocurrencies, it is advisable to invest initially rather smaller amounts, the loss of which will not put you at existential risk. Buying, sending or holding is not difficult, but it is advisable to get more practice before venturing into larger investments.

When should I buy?

Buy now. You’ll gain the most knowledge and experience through practice, and with a minimum order on Simplecoin of €50, or just under 1,200 CZK, this is the quickest way to get to grips with cryptocurrencies.

How do I shop?

Download the free software wallet and send your cryptocurrency to it. This is the best way to try everything out and gain the confidence and knowledge to make further purchases. Detailed purchase procedure can be found here.

When should I sell?

Anytime. If this is your first purchase and first sale, it is advisable to try and feel everything out. For example, try selling your cryptocurrency right away. This will teach you how to send it from your wallet back to the exchange and verify that the money has arrived in your bank account. Don’t worry about the huge profits just yet. Just get the skill.

What do I do next?

Learn how to secure your wallet so that no risk can compromise your cryptocurrencies. Eliminate the basic risks in our article here. Make additional purchases on an ongoing basis and diversify wisely into assets other than cryptocurrencies

Did not find the answer?

The customer service line can be reached Monday to Sunday between 9:00 and 21:00. Or send us an email. Our colleagues will always be happy to advise you and guide you safely through your purchase.

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