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About us

We make the world of buying or selling Bitcoin and other digital currencies easier.

The world of cryptocurrencies erases boundaries and brings you real freedom and a new perspective on finance.

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We are cryptocurrency experts

We help put money back to regular people's hands

Simplecoin is first and foremost a technology company that relies on the expertise of our programmers. We invest time and attention specifically in a high standard of security for your client accounts and data.

We've been making it easy for people to buy cryptocurrencies since 2013

From the very beginning, we have been a purely Czech company with a clear ownership structure. Anyone can trade cryptocurrencies. We bring another possibility of working with finances that are not managed by banks and the state. We bring you options that you manage yourself. We show people that the cryptocurrency world is simple.

Modern technology and security

We take care of the high security of user accounts

Simplecoin is primarily a technology company. We base our experience on the expert knowledge of our programmers. We invest time and attention in a high level of security for our clients' accounts and data.

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Simplecoin is a nice and easy way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the Czech Republic. If you want to make a purchase instantly from your computer or mobile, you can do it with them almost immediately and, most importantly, securely. Finally, I’m glad that we can work together beyond online and that we see each other regularly at the ChainCamp conference where they help us educate the general public.

Martin Kuchař
Martin Kuchař ChainCamp

I like Simplecoin for crypto-to-crypto exchanges in smaller amounts without the need for verification. And logging into the exchange via a social media account is super simple and hassle-free.

Dušan Kmetyo

Simplecoin is the oldest and most reliable crypto exchange in our country. Well-known and proven team, reliable product and super user support for both personal and business customers. I always recommend it to everyone I know who wants to get started with bitcoin.

Kristian Csepcsar
CMO Brains

As the oldest currency exchange in the Czech Republic, Simplecoin has quite a long historyof satisfied customers, some of whom are real bitcoin OG’s.Too bad I didn’t know about it back in 2013!

Bitcoinovej Kanál

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